Fire Rated Attic Ladders

Our fire rated attic ladders are manufactured by Bessler Stairs. They are the premium brand for 1 hour rated attic ladders. If you have a commercial building that needs an attic ladder, then we are the supplier for you.

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Fire Rated Attic Ladders Lead Time

Fire Rated Attic Ladders can be very hard to find in the San Francisco Bay Area. Industrial Ladder and Scaffolding, Inc. stocks a good amount of Bessler BE-119 one hour rated attic ladders. We are one of the only CA companies to actually stock the 1 hour rated attic ladders. We make it easy for Oakland, Sacramento, San Francisco, and San Jose contractors to get fire rated pull down attic ladders quickly.

We are Open to the Public

We are open to the public from 8:00am-4:30pm and are always by our phones to answer any question that you might have.

Attic Ladders on Display

We have (3) different models of attic ladders on display in our showroom for customers to try out.

  1. Pull Down Disappearing Stairway
  2. Pull Down Folding Stairway
  3. Pull Down Telescoping Stairway


These attic ladders fold up into 3 sections to allow for maximum storage in the attic space while maintaining the one hour fire rating requirement.

Delivery? No Problem.

We have been in business since 1959 and since then have established many Freight Business Accounts. We will work our magic to save you the most money when shipping your attic ladder.

We are Here to Help – Call Us or Visit

For all your fire rated attic ladder needs, please call Industrial Ladder & Scaffolding Inc. today. Please call us today at (916) 452-0231.

Industrial Ladder and Scaffolding, Inc.

We sell Attic Ladders to Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, and the rest of Northern California homeowners and contractors. Our ladders are available in wood or aluminum. The access ladders come in different  models and sizes. (For size charts please see our downloadable brochures located below)

Our pull down ladders create a perfect solution for gaining access to an upper level without blocking a common walkway or living area. Our folding attic ladders allow for safe attic access.

The decision can be hard. If you are a person that needs to see it before you buy it then come to our Sacramento showroom and try the different options before you purchase. We pride ourselves in offering industry leading customer service.