Rolling Ladders

Our mobile Rolling Ladders products provide safe and effective access to your projects, wherever they may be.

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Safe Rolling Stairway

The rolling warehouse ladders move to your desired location on heavy duty casters, and provide a stable work surface when in use. Once in position, the mobile ladder stands enable personnel to securely and effectively access various materials or equipment in a safe manner. With a wide selection of custom ladder designs and features, the Rolling Stair offers access solutions for both common and unique tasks. Some of the options on are rolling ladders include the following:

  • Knock Down design reduces shipping costs
  • Standard 12″ deep top platform
  • Large 2″ dia. non-skid, non-marking shoes
  • 1″ dia. steel tube construction
  • 42″ tall guardrails on all models
  • Stepjack Floor Locking device
  • OSHA Safety green enamel finish
  • Meets CAL/OSHA requirements
  • Meets Federal OSHA/ANSI requirements
  • 350 lb. Capacity
  • Extra deep top step available as 24” platform depth (Standard is 12″).
  • Hot dip galvanized finish.

Tread Styles:

  • Traction Tread (Standard) – Provides greater non-slip protection than Diamondplate
  • Diamondplate– Provides anti-slip protection through the use of raised diamond shaped ribs on a fully closed step surface
  • Safety Grating– Provides maximum non-skid protection in wet and/or dry conditions.

Industrial Ladder and Scaffolding, Inc.

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